Food Safety Management System

In accord with the Indian Regulation defined by the FSS Act 2006, Food Safety Management System (FSMS) states the adoption of Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Hygienic Practices, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point and other practices of similar nature as specified by regulation, for the Food Business in question.
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The system mentions the importance of personal hygiene and staff training for the same.

It highlights the importance of adequate and accurate documentation, in case of a food audit or inspection.

It has special provisions for the implementation of PRP, identifying critical control points and managerial efforts to establish food safety policy.

An FSMS plan stresses on the traceability and recall matters, wherein, consumer complaints and product recalls can be effectively supervised and handled.

What does Equinox Consulting do?

We provide a complete FSMS plan with our line of work encompassing all the facets of food safety. The 150+ in house experts in Equinox Consulting provides solutions and training sessions to help obtain the Internationally accepted certifications like HACCP, BRC and ISO 22000.

Our Line of Work

Prepare FSMS plan

Our FSMS plan comprises of a list of documents, policies and plans that should be adopted to facilitate food safety management in your kitchen.

Gap Audits and Hygiene Audits

Identification of loopholes in terms of maintaining hygiene, both directly and indirectly, at our client’s side and providing CAPA for the same.


Compliance to FSSA is measured against client’s conformity and nonconformity to the rules stated by the governing authority.

Location Viability

We provide assistance in drawing out the blueprints of the designs, layout and planning the arrangement of the food serving and preparing area, for enhancing food hygiene.

On Site Trainings

We conduct on-site training sessions for your kitchen staff, waiters, cleaners and others on topics like fundamentals of Good Kitchen Practices, Audit requirements, FSSA and more.


We provide up-to-date solutions, updates on the new amendments and how these will affect your business, along with compliance necessities and requirements.

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