Ashwin Bhadri – CEO, Equinox Labs

Equinox Consulting was formed with a vision to bridge the gap between the services and the solutions which every customer needs.

It is a moment of great pride and pleasure to say that Equinox has become India’s Largest Compliance Consultancy, catering to the requirements of more than 10,000 companies. The services include FSSAI Compliance, right from the License / Registration, Quality Testing, and Product Approval

It is these ideas and goals that have helped serve people and companies, not just in India, but enabled us to tap into safety.

The facilities were not just limited to matters of Compliance but included various training sessions, which comprised of elements much required for any business, company or even an individual by training the staff.

Our organization has worked around one common purpose – Improving lives by Ensuring Quality and Innovation. We abide by our vision to provide only the best service to our customers for enhanced safety and good health.