Equinox Labs conducts sessions for complete
training and development, for its employees,
customers and people from diverse fields of
Food, Water, Environment and matters related
to compliance and licensing.

Our training ranges from Good Hygiene practices,
Audits, FSSAI Compliance to Food Safety Management,
Sensory Evaluation and FSSAI License and Registration.

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FSSAI Licensing and Registration

As per the new Food Safety Standards Act implemented in 2006, it is mandatory for all Food Business Operators to obtain FSSAI License.

FSSAI Compliance Expert

Empowers all the Food Business Operators to comply with the FSSAI standards, spreading awareness on important aspects, in conjunction with the Law.

FSSAI Awareness and How to conduct a GAP Audit

Designed for all the FBOs to understand the current requirements of FSSAI, preparing all FBOs to face a GAP Audit, to understand the gaps in their process and come up with solutions.

How to face an FDA Audit

Emphasizes on understanding the expectations of FSSAI / FDA and familiarizing and preparing all the FBOs, Exporters – Importers to face the audit process.

FSSAI Product Approval

Tailored to guide the FBOs  on Product Approval process – how to get Product Approval done in a simple way and explains them why is it mandatory for a category of businesses.

Food Safety Standards

Food safety training includes International Standards like ISO 22000, FSSC 22000 and HACCP for food safety management.

ISO 22000

ISO 22000 training helps organizations identify and control food safety hazards of the global food supply chain, for every product/service to meet the standards.

FSSC 22000

For managing an organization’s food safety responsibilities, it is a Global Food Safety Initiative to ensure consumer trust in the supply of safe food and beverages.

Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP)

The HACCP training can be used at all stages of a food chain – from acquiring raw goods, food production and preparation processes to packaging, distribution, etc.

Food Safety Management

FSSAI implemented the new Food Safety & Standards Regulations in 2011. It is important to follow food safety, whether you are a street vendor or a 5-Star hotel or a Gourmet chain.

Level 1

FSSAI Guidelines on Basic Food Safety and Hygiene

Basic guidelines for food safety, like level of personal hygiene to be maintained, quality of water/ice to be used and care to be taken for proper waste disposal.

Level 2

Advanced Food Safety & Hygiene

Understanding the advanced concepts of food safety & hygiene, ensuring consumer health, increasing customer satisfaction & response.

Level 3

Train the Trainer

Designed to empower all food safety professionals to conduct training on food safety & hygiene, educating all food handlers on the current norms in India.

Level 4

Internal Auditor FSSC 22000

Implementation of safety measures, adding to systematic management approach, understanding of FSSC 22000, both as auditee and as auditor.

Sensory Evaluation

As per Food Safety and FSS Act, it is important to evaluate the composition of food products with respect to their appearance, touch, odour, texture, temperature and taste – at regular intervals.

Module 1

Introduction and Overview of Sensory Evaluation

Module 2

Concept and Practical Exercise on Panels

Module 3

Introduction to Taste, Color & Flavor and Practicals

Module 4

Ad & Package Analysis (Lecture & Practical)

Module 5

Hedonic Analysis & Invasive Practicals

Module 6

Questionary Preparation & Practical Information